Mp3 : Obby Alpha – Bora kushukuru

Obby Alpha – Bora kushukuru
New Song : Obby Alpha Bora kushukuru Download Mp3

Obby Alpha, the talented and versatile artist, has once again graced us with a sensational new song that is taking the music world by storm. Titled ‘Bora Kushukuru,’ this latest track is a beautiful testament to gratitude and optimism, offering listeners a powerful message of appreciation and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Obby Alpha

Obby Alpha has been on a meteoric rise in the music industry, and ‘Bora Kushukuru’ is further proof of his immense talent. Born and raised in Kenya, Obby Alpha’s music reflects a unique fusion of Afrobeat, reggae, and gospel influences. His distinctive sound, combined with his soulful lyrics, has won the hearts of fans around the world.

Bora kushukuru

‘Bora Kushukuru,’ which translates to “It’s Better to Give Thanks” in English, is an uplifting and heartfelt song that encourages gratitude in the face of adversity. It opens with a catchy rhythm that draws the listener in, and Obby Alpha’s soulful voice soon takes center stage, delivering a powerful message of positivity and thankfulness.


Obby Alpha’s music has always been about connecting with his audience on a deep and emotional level. With ‘Bora Kushukuru,’ he reinforces his commitment to spreading positivity through his art. He hopes that his music will serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration, allowing people to find solace in gratitude during challenging times.

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