Mp3 : Pcee – Mama EP

Pcee – Mama EP
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In a compelling move that signifies a profound connection to heritage, South African singer-songwriter Pcee has unveiled his latest musical endeavor, the “Mama” EP. This album is more than just a collection of songs; it serves as a pivotal moment in Pcee’s career, an exploration of his roots, and a heartfelt plea for guidance from his protectors. The “Mama” EP delves into deep cultural and personal themes, showcasing Pcee’s distinctive musical fusion and his ability to convey profound messages through his art.


Pcee’s versatility as an artist takes center stage in the “Mama” EP, featuring a variety of tracks that seamlessly blend traditional South African rhythms with modern musical elements. One standout piece is “Makhwapeni,” a collaborative effort with Djy Ma’Ten, Jandas, and Soul Revolver. This track, like others in the EP, creates a harmonious marriage of traditional and contemporary sounds, offering listeners a fresh experience deeply rooted in Pcee’s cultural heritage.

Mama EP

The “Mama” EP is now available on multiple music platforms, including Apple Music, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the 57-minute musical journey that encapsulates Pcee’s artistic vision and his deep connection to his cultural roots. It is more than an album; it is a narrative of Pcee’s personal and artistic growth, a testament to the transformative power of music in exploring and celebrating one’s heritage and individual journey.


This release stands as a powerful example of how music can serve as a vehicle for personal and cultural exploration, resonating with audiences on a profound level.


Track Number Title Artists Involved
1 Intro Pcee
2 Idlozi le vumile (feat. Jandas & Pushkin RSA) Pcee feat. Jandas & Pushkin RSA
3 Thula Mabota (feat. Kaybee.Za, T&K Projects & Ceekay) Pcee, Star Kay & Djy Ma’Ten feat. Kaybee.Za, T&K Projects & Ceekay
4 Bonana (feat. Officixl RSA & GNM) Pcee feat. Officixl RSA & GNM
5 Woza madala (feat. Toss & M.J) Pcee feat. Toss & M.J
6 Mzala (feat. Xduppy & T&T Musiq) Pcee, Umthakathi Kush & SjavasDaDeejay feat. Xduppy & T&T Musiq
7 Tanzania (feat. Freddy K) Pcee & Djy Biza feat. Freddy K
8 Makhwapeni (feat. Jandas & Soul Revolver) Pcee & Djy Ma’Ten feat. Jandas & Soul Revolver
9 Gabriella (feat. Officixl RSA) Pcee feat. Officixl RSA
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