Mp3 : Pro-Tee – Call Me ft. Avela Mvalo & DJ Ross

Pro-Tee – Call MeNew Song : Pro-Tee Call Me Download Mp3

South African music sensation Pro-Tee has once again graced the industry with his musical prowess, teaming up with the talented Avela Mvalo and DJ Ross for their latest release, “Call Me.” This collaboration promises to be a musical tour de force, blending Pro-Tee’s signature production style with Avela Mvalo’s soulful vocals and DJ Ross’s creative finesse. Get ready for a sonic journey that resonates with emotions, energy, and innovation.


Pro-Tee’s influence on the South African music scene is undeniable. Known for his ability to transform tracks with his unique Gqom remixes and productions, he has garnered a dedicated fanbase and earned respect within the industry. With a knack for infusing his tracks with high energy beats and infectious rhythms, Pro-Tee has consistently delivered music that leaves listeners eager for more.

Call Me

DJ Ross’s involvement in “Call Me” is a testament to his creative prowess and ability to bring unique elements to the track. As a collaborator, DJ Ross adds an extra layer of innovation, pushing the boundaries of the sound and contributing to the track’s dynamic energy. His creative instincts and expertise behind the decks are set to elevate “Call Me” to new heights.


As “Call Me” makes its way into playlists and hearts, it solidifies the collaborative spirit of these artists and leaves a lasting impression on the ever-evolving music landscape. Get ready to be captivated by the harmonious fusion of Pro-Tee, Avela Mvalo, and DJ Ross in “Call Me.”

Download Mp3 : Pro-Tee – Call Me ft. Avela Mvalo & DJ Ross

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