Mp3 : SGVO – VO Deluxe EP

SGVO – VO Deluxe EP
New Song : SGVO VO Deluxe EP Download Mp3

With 30K followers, 104 following, and 87 posts, SGVO’s social media presence is a testament to the growing community that surrounds and supports his musical endeavors. Through platforms like Instagram, SGVO connects with fans, sharing snippets of his creative process, and offering glimpses into the life of a young artist on the rise..


SGVO, whose real name is Given Nkonyane, discovered his love for African music and synth sound creation at a remarkably young age. Growing up in Witbank, he was surrounded by a rich musical tapestry that inspired him to explore the realms of sound and rhythm. This early fascination soon blossomed into a deep-seated passion for DJing, propelling SGVO into the world of electronic music.

Despite his burgeoning success in the music world, SGVO remains grounded in his academic pursuits. As a Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog learner, he manages to balance his studies with his passion for music seamlessly. The juxtaposition of the academic and artistic worlds adds an intriguing dimension to SGVO’s narrative, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of this young talent.

VO Deluxe EP

The VO Deluxe EP represents a significant milestone in SGVO’s discography. Released with much anticipation, this project is a compilation of carefully crafted tracks that showcase the artist’s maturation and exploration of new sonic territories.


SGVO’s story is one of talent, passion, and unwavering dedication to the craft of electronic music. From the streets of Witbank to the global stage, SGVO’s journey exemplifies the power of genuine artistic expression. As he continues to make waves with his distinctive sound, one thing is clear – SGVO is not just a name to remember; he’s a musical force to be reckoned with, and the world is eagerly awaiting the next chapter in his remarkable career.


1 Ngiya’khala SGVO, Artwork Sounds & Nvcho 6:20
2 Paso SGVO & Oscar Mbo 6:52
3 Ikhaya SGVO & MaWhoo 6:52
4 Zulu SGVO, Artwork Sounds & Pushkin 6:27
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