Mp3 : Shatta Wale – When I Bore

Shatta Wale – When I Bore
New Song : Shatta Wale When I Bore Download Mp3

“After I Bore” is getting attention because it’s different from other songs. It shows how talented Shatta Wale is and how creative he can be. The music is catchy, and the words are interesting.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, a famous singer from Ghana, has just released his first big song called “When I Bore.” It’s a big deal because it’s his debut in the music world. Following his earlier hit “Sex In London,” this new song is expected to be loved by people everywhere.

When I Bore

If you love good music, you should listen to “When I Bore.” It’s unique and stands out from other songs out there. Whether you’ve been a fan of Shatta Wale for a while or you’re just discovering his music, you’ll probably enjoy this song.


So, “When I Bore” isn’t just a song it’s a sign that Shatta Wale is here to stay in the music scene. It’s catchy and fun and shows why he’s going to be remembered for a long time.

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