Mp3 : Southside Mohammed & Solo Sae – Jodeci

Southside Mohammed & Solo Sae – Jodeci
New Song : Southside Mohammed & Solo Sae Jodeci Download Mp3

The track’s title, “Jodeci,” is an homage to the legendary American R&B group that was known for pushing the boundaries of the genre in the ’90s. With this reference, Southside Mohammed and Solo Sae hint at their aspirations to create a timeless piece of music that pays homage to their musical influences while making a distinct mark of their own.

About The Singers

Southside Mohammed and Solo Sae, both hailing from South Africa, have steadily been carving their names into the music industry with their unique styles and distinctive voices. “Jodeci” marks their first official collaboration, and it’s nothing short of a musical revelation.


One can’t help but appreciate the production value of “Jodeci.” The beat is a sonic masterpiece, skillfully crafted to create an atmosphere that draws listeners in from the very beginning. Subtle yet impactful percussion and synth elements add a contemporary edge to the track, making it a captivating listen.


“Jodeci” is more than just a song, it’s a statement. Southside Mohammed and Solo Sae have successfully blended their unique styles to create a hip-hop gem that demands attention. With Southside Mohammed’s recent album “M.T.B.W.Y.” and the release of “Jodeci,” it’s clear that he is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world.

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