Mp3 : TNK MusiQ – Le Premier Chapitre EP

TNK MusiQ – Le Premier Chapitre EP
New Song : TNK MusiQ Le Premier Chapitre EP Download Mp3

TNK MusiQ, a rising musical duo, has recently caught the attention of music enthusiasts and critics alike with their latest offering, the “Le Premier Chapitre EP.” This stunning collection of tracks showcases not only their exceptional talent but also their ability to break down musical barriers and craft an auditory journey that captivates from the very first note.


TNK MusiQ’s future appeared promising, as they seemed dedicated to honing their craft and expanding their reach within and beyond the South African music scene. They were likely to continue experimenting with their sound and collaborating with other artists.At the time of this artile by Zakavibes, TNK MusiQ was gaining recognition in the South African music scene. Their innovative approach to blending different electronic music elements had garnered them a growing fan base and positive reviews from music enthusiasts.

Le Premier Chapitre EP

One of the EP’s strengths lies in TNK MusiQ’s ability to create a harmonious collaboration between various electronic genres. The result is a distinctive and refreshing sound that’s bound to captivate both fans of house music and those seeking a more eclectic musical experience.


No. Duration Title & Artist
1 6:45 TNK MusiQ, DJ Maphorisa – Hayi Baleka ft. Ricky Lenyora, Tman Xpress
2 6:28 TNK MusiQ – Saka
3 7:02 TNK MusiQ – Cocktail ft. DJ Maphorisa, Daliwonga, Madumane, Leon Lee
4 6:43 TNK MusiQ – Shoutings
5 7:10 TNK MusiQ – Mina Nawe ft. Chley
6 7:16 TNK MusiQ, Tman Xpress – Impilo
7 6:26 TNK MusiQ, DBN Gogo – Bullet (Precussion Mix)


As they continue to evolve their sound and experiment with new musical territories, TNK MusiQ is poised to make a significant mark on the global electronic music scene.

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