Mp3 : Tumi Turna, Tycoon & Sino Msolo – Buya ft. Raspy

Tumi Turna, Tycoon & Sino Msolo – Buya
New Song : Tumi Turna, Tycoon & Sino Msolo Buya Download Mp3

The South African music scene has recently been electrified with the release of “Buya,” a captivating new Amapiano track by the talented collaboration of Tumi Turna, Tycoon, and Sino Msolo, featuring the unique touch of Raspy. This musical masterpiece not only represents a song but a fusion of rhythmic beats and artistic talent, serving as a testament to the vibrancy and diversity of South African music.

Tumi Turna, Tycoon & Sino Msolo

Tumi Turna, renowned for his exceptional songwriting and musical skills, once again showcases his versatility with “Buya.” Tycoon’s contribution adds a unique flair that complements Sino Msolo’s distinct vocal style, while Raspy’s feature brings an additional layer of depth, enhancing the overall listening experience.


The release of “Buya” has sparked positive reactions from both music lovers and critics alike. Fans have showered praise on the artists for their seamless collaboration and the exceptional quality of music they have produced. The track’s availability for download and streaming on various platforms ensures its accessibility to a wide and diverse audience.


As the popularity of the song continues to soar, it becomes evident that Tumi Turna, Tycoon, Sino Msolo, and Raspy have created something truly special that will resonate with fans for a long time to come. “Buya” stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution and innovation within the South African music scene.

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