Mp3 : Tyler ICU – Ngimoja (Vida-soul AfroTech Unofficial Remix) ft. Khanyisa, Tumelo ZA & Tyrondee

Tyler ICU – Ngimoja
New Song : Tyler ICU Ngimoja Download Mp3

In the world of Amapiano, Tyler ICU isn’t just a talented artist for today, he’s a creative force shaping what Amapiano will become tomorrow. His dedication to exploring new sounds and making the genre evolve shows his deep commitment to growing as an artist. Through his music, he’s not only pushing his own boundaries but also encouraging others to step into the vibrant world of Amapiano and contribute to its ever-changing landscape.

Tyler ICU

Just like a plant that needs water to grow, Tyler ICU believes that Amapiano should keep growing and changing. He’s not afraid to mix in new elements and ideas to keep the genre alive. This commitment to growth isn’t just about him, it’s about creating opportunities for others too. When he makes his music, he’s also giving aspiring music makers a chance to learn and add their own ideas to the mix.

Ngimoja (Vida-soul AfroTech Unofficial Remix)

Tyler ICU didn’t do this alone, he had some friends join him. Khanyisa, Tumelo ZA, and Tyrondee brought their own special talents to the song. Khanyisa’s voice sounds really nice and draws you in. Tumelo ZA and Tyrondee added their voices too, making everything blend together perfectly.


Tyler ICU’s “Ngimoja” song is an example of how music keeps getting better and more interesting. By mixing different styles and working together with talented friends, he made something truly special. This song is like a journey that takes you to a place full of amazing sounds and feelings.

Download Mp3 : Tyler ICU – Ngimoja (Vida-soul AfroTech Unofficial Remix) ft. Khanyisa, Tumelo ZA & Tyrondee

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