Mp3 : Visca – I made it Album

Visca – I made it Album
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The Amapiano music scene is about to experience a seismic shift as Visca, a prominent figure in the genre, prepares to drop his latest album, “I Made It,” on December 1, 2023. Fans of Amapiano have been eagerly awaiting this release, as Visca has consistently delivered hit tracks throughout the year, solidifying his position as a driving force in the Amapiano movement.


“I Made It” promises to be a sonic adventure, blending vibrant beats and innovative sounds while staying true to the distinctive Amapiano style that has become synonymous with Visca’s name. The album boasts a collection of tracks, each carefully crafted to showcase Visca’s unique ability to merge traditional South African rhythms with contemporary elements.

I made it Album

Among the anticipated tracks on the album is “Jika Majika,” featuring the talents of Mrnationthingz and Ceeka RSA. This collaboration is expected to highlight Visca’s knack for creating infectious tunes that resonate with Amapiano enthusiasts. Additionally, the track “Selikuwe,” a collaboration with Mashudu, is set to further underscore Visca’s versatility and musical prowess.


As the Amapiano scene eagerly awaits the release of “I Made It,” Visca’s latest album is poised to leave an indelible mark, further solidifying the genre’s influence on the global music landscape. Get ready for a musical journey that celebrates Visca’s achievements and sets the stage for the next chapter in the evolution of Amapiano.


1 Jika Majika (feat. Mrnationthingz & Ceeka RSA) Visca 7:34
2 Selikuwe (feat. Mashudu) Visca 8:04
3 Cheating Curve (feat. Scotts Maphuma, Leemckrazy & 2woshort) Visca & Mellow & Sleazy 7:34
4 Never Ba Loke (feat. Tman Xpress & DJ Maphorisa) Visca & Mellow & Sleazy 7:15
5 Mangena (feat. Chley, Kabelo Sings & Happy Jazzman) Visca 7:00
6 Emazulwini (feat. Young Stunna & Leemckrazy) Visca, Cyfred & Sayfair 5:59
7 Unemedi (feat. Daliwonga) Visca 7:30
8 Bagejile (feat. & DJ Rybel) Visca, Tyler ICU & Khahil Harrison 5:59
9 Ama Groetman (feat. Sbuda Maleather, Ice Beats Slide, Thuto The Human & Cuba beats) Visca 6:01
10 Welele (feat. Mrnationthingz) Visca & Cuba beats 7:10
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