Mp3 : Wizkid – “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP”

Wizkid – “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP”
New Song : Wizkid “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP”  Download Mp3

In the ever-evolving landscape of Afrobeat, one name stands out as a trailblazer and global icon Wizkid. With an illustrious career marked by chart-topping hits and groundbreaking collaborations, Wizkid continues to solidify his status as a musical sensation. The latest testament to his musical prowess is the much-anticipated “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP,” a sonic journey that captivates audiences with its eclectic beats and soulful melodies.


Nigerian Grammy Award-winning artist Wizkid continues to make waves in the music industry with the recent release of his highly anticipated project, “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP.” Following the success of its predecessor, “SoundMan Vol. 1,” which debuted in December 2019, Wizkid’s latest offering is a testament to his unwavering commitment to musical exploration and delivering captivating content to his global audience.

“S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP”

Comprising four tracks, each song in the EP contributes a unique flavor to the overall sonic journey. From infectious beats to soulful melodies, Wizkid once again proves his ability to blend different musical elements effortlessly. The tracks serve as a testament to Wizkid’s continued evolution as an artist, embracing new sounds while staying true to the essence of Afrobeats that has garnered him global acclaim.

Wizkid’s journey in the music industry has been marked by a series of successful albums and singles, earning him not only critical acclaim but also a vast and dedicated following. “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP” is not just a collection of songs; it is a reflection of Wizkid’s artistic evolution and his enduring influence on the Afrobeats genre. The EP invites listeners to delve into the unique blend of rhythms and melodies that define Wizkid’s distinctive musical style.


Afrobeat has transcended its geographical origins to become a global phenomenon, and Wizkid’s “S2 (SoundMan Vol. 2) EP” is poised to be a major contributor to this global movement. The universal appeal of the EP’s infectious beats and soul-stirring melodies has the potential to resonate with audiences worldwide, further cementing Wizkid’s influence on the international music scene.


1. Wizkid ft. Wande Coal – Ololufe

2. Wizkid – Diamonds

3. Wizkid – Energy

4. Wizkid ft. Zlatan – IDK

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