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Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Silent Echoes
New Song : Woza Sabza & Mr Abie Silent Echoes Album

In the dynamic realm of South African electronic music, two talented artists have joined forces to create a sonic masterpiece that is bound to reverberate through the hearts and souls of music enthusiasts worldwide. Woza Sabza and Mr. Abie, two names that resonate with innovation and creativity, have recently released their much-anticipated album, “Silent Echoes.” This article takes you on a journey through the enchanting soundscape of this collaborative project that pushes the boundaries of electronic music.

About The Singers

Woza Sabza and Mr. Abie are no strangers to the music scene, each having carved their own unique paths in the world of electronic music. Woza Sabza, known for his genre blurring approach, fuses elements of Gqom, Amapiano, and house music, while Mr. Abie brings his own flavor to the mix with a mastery of Afro-tech and deep house. Their decision to join forces for the “Silent Echoes” album is a testament to their collective commitment to pushing the envelope of sonic experimentation.

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Silent Echoes Album

While “Silent Echoes” is deeply rooted in the electronic music tradition, it also pays homage to the rich tapestry of South African culture. The album incorporates elements of indigenous rhythms and instruments, creating a unique fusion that celebrates the country’s musical heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern electronic music.


“Silent Echoes” speaks a universal language of emotions, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. The music’s ability to evoke a wide range of feelings, from euphoria to introspection, makes it accessible and relatable to audiences around the world. It serves as a reminder that music is a unifying force that connects us all, regardless of our backgrounds.

Below are the tracks in the Album:

  1. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie & Boohle – Impi
  2. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Soft Life (feat. El Ceesow, Phemelo Saxer & Kandybeats)
  3. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Mabizo (feat. Kandybeats & Phemelo Saxer)
  4. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Zinhle
  5. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie, Musa Yende & Siyakha Khitha – Umuhle
  6. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Buya My Dali (feat. Cooper SA, Khalil Harrison & Kandybeats)
  7. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Ingoma Emnandi (feat. Khalil Harrison)
  8. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie & Mduduzi Ncube – Amandla
  9. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Ayy Dali (feat. El Ceesow)
  10. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie & King B – Indlela Yothando
  11. Woza Sabza & Mr Abie – Umbulali

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