Mp3 : Zakes Bantwini – iParty 2.0 ft. Simmy & Drega

Zakes Bantwini – iParty 2.0 ft. Simmy & Drega
New Song : Zakes Bantwini iParty 2.0 Download Mp3

South African music sensation Zakes Bantwini has once again proven his prowess in the music industry with the release of his latest track, “iParty 2.0,” featuring the dynamic duo Simmy and Drega. Known for his unique blend of Afro-house and soulful sounds, Bantwini’s latest offering promises to be a chart-topper, elevating the party scene to new heights. Let’s delve into the beats, rhythms, and collaborations that make “iParty 2.0” a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

Zakes Bantwini

One of the most exciting aspects of “iParty 2.0” is the collaboration between Zakes Bantwini, Simmy, and Drega. Each artist brings their own flair and style to the track, creating a harmonious blend of talents. Simmy, celebrated for her enchanting vocals and distinct Afro-soul sound, adds a layer of depth to the song. Drega, known for his energetic and versatile rap style, injects a dose of hip-hop influence, creating a perfect synergy with Bantwini’s signature Afro-house beats.

iParty 2.0

The heart of “iParty 2.0” lies in its infectious rhythm and beats. Zakes Bantwini, a maestro in the Afro-house genre, showcases his ability to craft music that seamlessly fuses traditional African sounds with modern electronic elements. The track is a sonic journey that takes listeners on a rhythmic adventure, inviting them to immerse themselves in the pulsating energy of the dance floor.


As the song takes the party scene by storm, Zakes Bantwini solidifies his position as a leading figure in the South African music industry, and “iParty 2.0” stands as a testament to his enduring influence. Get ready to hit the dance floor and let the celebration begin with this electrifying musical masterpiece.

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