Desmond Dube At Battle With South African Revenue Services

Desmond Dube, a media personality and Clientele Life Ambassador, is reportedly at odds with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). Dube is facing an execution warrant to sell his assets in order to settle over R1.4 million in unpaid taxes owed to the taxman.

Whether or not it was rumored that actor, TV personality, and Clientele Life ambassador Desmond Dube was homeless, Dube himself put those rumors to rest. According to the City Press, in the new case brought against Desmond Dube, Dube faces losing his assets for failing to comply with SARS in settling his unpaid taxes.

“Desmond Dube could face a warrant of execution to sell his assets should he fail to comply with a final letter of demand issued to him by Sars for him to settle over R1.4 million in unpaid taxes” wrote City Press

Reportedly, Dube was served with the papers last week to settle an amount of over R1.4 million rand in unpaid taxes. The letter also highlighted that should Dube fail to work with the SARS, he could end up with a warrant of execution which will also allow SARS to sell off his assets in order to settle his R1 432 675.61 debt.

“According to the records of Sars, you have failed to pay your tax debt for one or more tax years and tax periods… you are requested to make full payment within 10 days from the date of this letter of demand.” wrote City Press

The letter sent to Dube also has a time frame as it also highlighted that the How To Ruin Christmas actor has exactly ten business days to comply with the taxman in order to settle his debts.

“You may within 10 business days from the date of this letter of demand apply for any of the following remedies: payment instalments where you are unable to pay the full amount, suspension of the debt where you intend to submit or have submitted a formal dispute, compromise of a portion of the tax where this will provide a higher return to the fiscus than liquidation, sequestration, or other collection measures.” wrote City Press

Reportedly, Dube has been provided with strict and stringent instructions which will see him having to sell out some of his assets if not all, in order to settle his unpaid taxes.

“Failure to make full payment or use the above remedies may result in the following actions and possibly others: Sars may appoint any third party who presently or in the future will owe you money or hold money for you to settle your tax debt with this money. A civil judgment being entered against you in which case a warrant of execution may be issued for the Sheriff of the court to attach and sell your assets.”

It is also reported that Dube has rubbished the claims, while providing that the case is remedial and currently is going through legal channels.

“I am not sure who your source is, but the numbers are totally incorrect. The case is remedial and going through the legal process.” said Desmond Dube (City Press)

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