Tebogo Lerole Exposes His Friends On Social Media

Tebogo Lerole, a businessman and Khanyi Mbau’s ex-boyfriend, has accused his old friends of making sexual advances on his daughter. In a now-deleted Instagram post, the businessman lambasted his friends for apparently sliding into his daughter’s DMs.

Tebogo Lerola was enraged after his friends allegedly made sexual advances toward his 21-year-old daughter. The former musician also threatened to tag and expose his friends, but later changed his mind.

He even deleted the IG post. In it he said, “To my ‘so called friends’ hitting on my daughter Toos, y’all are sick and twisted. I know all of you, she tells me about y’all creeping. I will not hide her and not go out with her because y’all can’t control yourselves,” he Wrote .

Here is a screenshot taken by TshisaLive.


Tebogo told TshisaLIVE, that he wanted to raise awareness about pedophiles and highlighted gender based violence (GBV), as one of the major issues faced by women these days.

“I wanted to make it clear that I am well aware of what is happening. This is a message we need to spread for other men. We should be having this conversation where we are calling each other out. We’re encouraging and promoting accountability as men. I am a gender-based violence activist and I wouldn’t want another woman or man finding themselves in my position.

“One of the things we fight for is how women should be free in how they dress. We cannot body shame nor objectify women. My child’s body has changed from the young girl I’ve known but I cannot tell my child what to wear because she a young adult who decides for herself. The one thing I can do is make sure she is safe and protected,” he told the publication.

Tebogo has been laying low and keeping to himself lately as he has not been making headlines. There was some drama involving his ex Khanyi mbau with people saying they are beefing.

“So here goes. If you genuinely know me you’ll know how I hate being dragged in the media especially for impractical rationale [she knows it too]. I am not a personality and unquestionably not a celebrity either, I am a black man raising a daughter/nephew in this exacting world.”

“Up above is a clip I believed to be my/our own perfect/imperfect family and for once I believed this world would end with us standing by each other’s sides. I love M and M2 profoundly, just thinking of moments and our journey leaves me giggling. I don’t know how I lost the both of them, however I cherish and will always cherish the day the creator tangled our paths.”

“She is an amazing human and has such an adorable smile — she must constantly glitter. I am grown enough to accept defeat. I would like to wish her, nothing but success in her journey and lastly please cut her and myself some slack. Love is beautiful and we tried.”

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