Nota, From Swearing Traffic Cops To Passing Out At Night Club Couches

Nota Baloyi has earned the titles “controversial” and “problematic.” Following recent images of him passing out alone in a nightclub, tweeps are dragging him for dropping the ball right in front of their eyes.

After seeing the unapologetic and woke Nota Baloyi sleeping on a nightclub couch, tweeps are assuming that unprecedented times are upon them. The shocked tweeps were discovered shaking in their boots after seeing ‘Nota The Great’ out of shape and passed out in an empty nightclub.

“Paparazzi caught My Goat Nota passed out at the night Club” wrote Chris Excel

Some tweeps are only mocking Baloyi because of his ways on social media. When he is not cursing out the traffic police, Baloyi is always picking up a fight with somebody on Twitter. Tweeps have shown Baloyi no mercy but instead they are celebrating his moment of downfall for all the people he has has provoked.

“Akudlali ukuhlanya ilanga lonke” wrote Bhungane Qwabe

“After a long day of disturbing the peace..” wrote

“When you tried making trouble with everyone and all of them blue ticked you even the police miced you lol even red bull won’t help, you got knocked off” wrote Sinthumule

Meanwhile some tweeps are making mockery out of Nota Baloyi caught sleeping at a night club couches. Some tweeps are most concerned about his well-being and life in general. Him and his wife Berita have since separated following when Berita left their marital home to a place of safety.

Following Berita leaving, Baloyi went on social media to call her out for a number of things. however, Berita finally broke her silence by letting the people know the reason behind their separation was Nota Baloyi’s abuse.

“No man his wife must come back, the dude has suffered enough both mentally and physically” wrote Castle Lager

Although Baloyi enjoys a good social media squabble, he have not said anything about his pictures that were taken without his consent, making rounds on Twitter.

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