Scandal!: Mbali Kubheka Kicking Like A Dying Horse

Mbali Kubheka is kicking like a dying horse after her latest stunt in which she duped her estranged husband Jojo Kubheka. Mbali is nowhere near winning over Jojo again after forging a doctor’s letter claiming she is receiving professional help.

Mbali Kubheka is a person who will not go down without a fight, and she is currently doing everything she can to reclaim her husband’s heart. Despite the fact that the odds are stacked against her, she will go to any length to return to the Kubheka mansion and play wife to Jojo Kubheka.

Mbali Kubheka is secretly working on her biggest plan to play house with Jojo Kubheka, as if to trick both Jojo and her sister Winnie into believing she has changed. Mbali is ready to put the final nail in the coffin after being rejected at every turn.

“The next step in Mbali’s plan includes a cleansing ceremony for their unborn children. Hayi, In Mbali we trust!#etvscandal” wrote Scandal!

In a bigger scheme of things tweeps and Scandal! viewers have welcomed Mbali’s characters with open arms. As they continue to highlight that even though it is only acting and for entertainment, however this particular portrayal is someone’s real life in the real world.

Nolwazi Shange-Ngubeni has been given her flowers for her convincing portrayal of Mbali Kubheka.

“If people knew how painful it is to be in Mbali’s shoes…. This would not be a joke… Kubuhlungu ukungakwazi ukuthola abantwana… Thank you @NolwaziNgubeni for awareness” wrote Mbalenhle Pretty

“If a woman loves me like Mbali love Jojo,I would definitely Marry her twice.She showed how she loves Jojo ,Became a lair and Manipulative Just to be with Jojo. Why not take her back as toxic as she is?” wrote Zanele Makhahleka

“That is what most of women go through and keep it to ourselves trying to spare our men the pain” wrote Debrah Mochabela

“Boy give this girl her flowers. The way she’s whopping this character week in week out She’s consistently leaving me speechless I even forget she orchestrated the rape ordeal” wrote Nicolson Moetsi

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