Kevin Hart’s Ticket Prices Not For The Faint Of Heart

While Mzansi awaits the arrival of international stand-up comedian, actor, and film producer Kevin Hart with bated breath. His tickets are already on sale, and the prices are keeping people on the edge of their seats.

Mpho Hart, as he prefers to be addressed whenever he visits South Africa. Kevin Hart was given the name Mpho during his last visit to the country in 2016. The comedic legend is making his way back into the country to do what he does best: make people laugh.

However, his exorbitant ticket prices have really struck a nerve with a lot of people. Although prices vary depending on the seat, some people have expressed concern about the prices, which have proven to be a little high.

“Well if you’re wondering how much it will cost you to watch Kevin Hart’s show in South Africa, swipe through to check the tickets prices” wrote YoMzansi

Some of Mzansi people are even planning to get wheelchairs as it appears tickets for wheelchair bound people are pretty much cheaper.

city___slicker__wrote “Damn, now I gotta come with my wheelchair 🤧”

shady_myles wrote “Where can I hire a wheelchair 👀”

siweed22 wrote “South Africans need to stop supporting overpriced events”

aiconic007 wrote “If I’m paying that much for a front seat, I’m laughing from the moment he walks in on stage until he leaves. Just making sure I’m getting my money’s worth 😂😂😂😂”

amahle_tuswa wrote “One person who can afford must attend the event then the person must be live on IG so that we all watch😂😂😭akere we are sisters and brothers on this App😂😌”

zu1u_universe wrote “Does any have a wheelchair 🦽 I can borrow 😢”

__callmedior wrote “I need a wheelchair/barrow real quick😢”

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