Mp3 : 6LACK – F**k The Rap Game

6LACK – F**k The Rap Game
New Song : 6LACK F**k The Rap Game Download Mp3

Released through LVRN/Interscope Records, “F**k The Rap Game” features 6LACK’s signature blend of melodic rap and raw honesty. Over a minimalistic yet impactful beat, the song delves into the pressures and challenges artists encounter, strongly critiquing the industry’s exploitative nature.


Atlanta-based artist 6LACK has released his latest single, “F**k The Rap Game,” generating significant buzz in the hip-hop community and beyond. Known for his deep, emotive voice and introspective lyrics, 6LACK’s new track addresses the struggles and disillusionment often faced in the music industry.

F**k The Rap Game

Fans have eagerly awaited new music from 6LACK since his last project, and this single does not disappoint. Early reactions on social media indicate widespread approval, with many praising 6LACK’s lyrical skills and the track’s bold message.


“F**k The Rap Game” is now available on all major streaming platforms, providing listeners with a thought-provoking anthem that challenges the status quo in today’s rap scene.

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