Mp3 : Uno July – Uyabona Nawe Mos

 Uno July – Uyabona Nawe Mos
New Song : Uno July Uyabona Nawe Mos Download Mp3

South African music sensation Uno July has made a grand return with his latest single, ‘Uyabona Nawe Mos’. Following the success of his hit ‘NYIRI’, this new release features a vibrant mix of Xhosa slang and Cape Town’s dynamic street culture, solidifying his unique sound and artistic vision.

Uno July

‘Uyabona Nawe Mos’ incorporates influences from Xhosa slang, especially the “Ringans” dialect found in the Western Cape townships. The phrase “Uyabona Nawe Mos” translates to “You can see, right?” and exudes confidence and flair.

Uyabona Nawe Mos

Produced by Ras The Afronaut, this solo effort marks an important chapter in Uno July’s musical career. The track reintroduces his signature sound while paving the way for future collaborations. Uno July’s skillful blend of linguistic and cultural elements is prominently showcased, making ‘Uyabona Nawe Mos’ a significant addition to his discography.


In the chorus, Uno July uses the phrase “Uyabona Nawe Mos” to highlight his achievements and lifestyle. It serves as an anthem of confidence, encouraging listeners to celebrate their successes with similar enthusiasm.


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