Mp3 : Afro Brotherz – 16 Shooter

Afro Brotherz – 16 Shooter
New Song : Afro Brotherz 16 Shooter Download Mp3

Afro Brotherz, the dynamic duo renowned for their contribution to the Afro House genre, have reached a significant milestone in their musical voyage with the release of their latest track, “16 Shooter.” This fresh offering is now available across multiple music platforms, showcasing the duo’s unwavering commitment to evolution and their unique ability to keep the Afro House genre vibrant and contemporary.

Afro Brotherz

Afro Brotherz are primarily known for their Afro House music, which is a subgenre of house music characterized by African rhythms, tribal percussion, and traditional vocal elements. Their music often blends these elements with modern electronic production techniques, creating a fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds.The duo’s journey in the music industry began in the early 2010s when they started producing music and DJing at local events and clubs in South Africa. Over the years, they honed their skills and developed their signature sound. Afro Brotherz have released numerous tracks that have received acclaim from fans and fellow artists. Some of their popular songs include “Amasiko,” “Own The Night,” “The Finale,” and “Indawo.”

16 Shooter

The music industry has been abuzz with anticipation ever since teasers of “16 Shooter” were shared, and now that it has been unleashed, fans and critics alike are showering Afro Brotherz with praise for their flawless production quality and their innate talent for crafting tunes that resonate across a diverse spectrum of listeners.


With “16 Shooter,” Afro Brotherz have once again cemented their status as trailblazers in the music industry, pushing the boundaries of creativity and captivating audiences worldwide.


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