Mp3 : Black Motion – Rebirth Of The Drum

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Black Motion – Rebirth Of The Drum
New Song : Black Motion Rebirth Of The Drum  Download Mp3

While “Rebirth Of The Drum” is deeply rooted in African culture, it also has a universal appeal. Black Motion’s skillful incorporation of electronic elements ensures that the track is accessible to a global audience. Its infectious beat and melody make it equally suitable for dance floors in South Africa, Ibiza, or New York, transcending geographical boundaries.

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Black Motion

Black Motion, consisting of Thabo “Smol” Mabogwane and Bongani “Murdah” Mohosana, have been instrumental in reshaping the Afro-house scene, drawing inspiration from their South African roots while embracing global influences. “Rebirth Of The Drum” is a testament to their musical evolution, encapsulating their growth as artists while staying true to their cultural heritage.

Rebirth Of The Drum

At the core of “Rebirth Of The Drum” lies an irresistible rhythmic heartbeat. The track opens with the hypnotic sound of traditional African drums, setting the tone for a dance-infused exploration of African percussion. These drum patterns are layered with electronic beats, creating a seamless fusion that is both innovative and profoundly rooted in tradition. The result is a powerful, rhythmic pulse that is impossible to resist.


In addition to the auditory feast that is “Rebirth Of The Drum,” Black Motion has also treated fans to a visually stunning music video. Shot on location in South Africa, the video captures the essence of the song through captivating choreography and breathtaking cinematography. It serves as a visual celebration of African culture and the power of music to bring people together.

Download Mp3 : Black Motion – Rebirth Of The Drum 

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