Mp3 : DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy & Dsax – Uzozisola

DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy & Dsax – Uzozisola
New Song : DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy & Dsax Uzozisola Download Mp3

The Piano scene has undeniably been a powerhouse of creativity this year, and at the forefront of this musical renaissance is the exceptionally talented DJ Father. Known for his chart-topping hits, DJ Father first made waves with the release of “Coloured King,” followed by the stellar sequel, “Coloured King Chapter 2.” Now, he graces the scene once again with a standout track from the EP, titled “Uzozisola.”

About The Singers

The latest single, “Uzozisola,” is a captivating addition to DJ Father’s repertoire. Recruiting the exceptional skills of LeeMcKrazy and DSax, the trio delivers a track that seamlessly blends infectious beats, soulful melodies, and the distinctive Piano sound that has become synonymous with DJ Father’s style. The collaborative effort shines with creativity, each artist bringing their unique flair to the composition.


Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the sonic journey of “Uzozisola” and witness the magic that unfolds when three talented artists come together. The track is not just a testament to DJ Father’s consistency in delivering quality music but also a celebration of the collaborative spirit within the Piano scene.


As you curate your playlist for the week, make sure to include “Uzozisola” by DJ Father, LeeMcKrazy, and DSax. It’s a musical gem that not only pays homage to the vibrant Piano scene but also sets the bar high for the standards of excellence within the genre.

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