Mp3 : Major League DJz – Piano City ft. Pcee (EP12S14)

Major League DJz – Piano City
New Song : Major League DJz Piano City Download Mp3

Having recently graced the stage alongside Tman Xpress and Mashudu in the collaborative effort “Ibutho Lomculo” by Tito M, SjavasDaDeejay, and Mellow & Sleazy, Major League DJz showcased their versatility and ability to seamlessly blend genres. They also left an indelible mark with the hit track “Call You,” a collaboration with LuuDaDeeJay and Nanette, featuring the noteworthy contributions of Zwayetoven.

Major League DJz

Major League DJz, the dynamic duo that has been dominating the music scene this year, is back with another chart-topping hit that is set to redefine the sound of the season. Known for their global performances and impressive collaborations, Major League DJz continues to captivate audiences with their latest release, “Piano City ft. Pcee (EP12S14).”

Piano City ft. Pcee (EP12S14)

Now, Major League DJz is back in the limelight with the latest installment in their hit series, “Piano City (EP12S14).” Teaming up with the talented PCee, the duo delivers a sonic masterpiece that is poised to dominate airwaves and playlists alike. The track is a fusion of infectious beats, melodic piano notes, and the signature sound that has made Major League DJz a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


Listeners are invited to experience the magic of “Piano City ft. Pcee (EP12S14)” and immerse themselves in the seamless blend of artistry and innovation that Major League DJz consistently brings to their music. The collaboration with PCee adds an extra layer of dynamism, making this track a must-add to any Piano playlist this week.

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