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Grace Carter – Riot
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Grace Carter is a singer and songwriter from England. She has people who help manage her career at Top Management, which also takes care of big artists like Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey. Right now, she belongs to a music company called Polydor, where famous groups like The 1975 and Ellie Goulding are also signed. Another important thing is that her songs are looked after by SonyATV.

Grace Carter

Grace Carter, the talented English singer and songwriter, is swiftly making her mark on the music scene. Backed by strong management and aligned with influential labels, her journey is one to watch. Having recently released a trending track titled “Riot,” Grace Carter is proving her ability to capture hearts and ears worldwide.

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Amidst this remarkable backdrop, Grace Carter has put out a popular new song named “Riot.” A lot of people are really liking it and it’s getting more and more attention on different places where you can listen to music. Just like her other songs that made a big impact, “Riot” also shows how good she is at making music that’s full of feelings and makes you feel strong and confident.


As Grace Carter’s star continues to rise, her association with industry giants like Top Management and Polydor, along with the support of SonyATV, ensures that her music reaches the ears of those who appreciate and connect with her craft. “Riot” serves as a reminder of her ability to create music that resonates on a personal level, and it’s a strong indication of her promising musical journey.

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