Mp3 : Miss Pru DJ – Viano ft Ncesh P, Beekay & Teddy

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Miss Pru DJ – Viano
New Song : Miss Pru DJ Viano Download Mp3

The music world is always changing, and artists like Miss Pru DJ are always trying new things. She just came out with an amazing new song called “Viano.” She worked together with Ncesh P, Beekay, and Teddy to make this song really special and show how creative people can make awesome music when they work together.

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Miss Pru DJ

Even though she’s not super famous yet, Miss Pru DJ is getting a lot of attention in her music journey. She’s a new artist from South Africa who has been working with singers like Ncesh P, Beekay, and Teddy. While I won’t tell you all her songs here, you can learn more about her music by listening and checking out Zakavibes.


Miss Pru DJ and her friends have really welcomed new ideas with “Viano.” This song shows how awesome it can be when people with different styles and backgrounds work together. It proves that when you’re super creative, there are endless cool things you can make.


“Viano” is a super cool song by Miss Pru DJ, where she sings with Ncesh P, Beekay, and Teddy. This song is like a masterpiece that shows how awesome it is when people work together on music, no matter where they’re from. The song’s catchy beat, interesting words, and amazing video make it a great example of how creative and new music can be. When we listen to “Viano,” we think about how music’s future is going to be really exciting and full of amazing things.

Download Mp3 : Miss Pru DJ – Viano ft Ncesh P, Beekay & Teddy

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