Mp3 : TorQue MuziQ & Nkosazana Daughter – Ingoma (Remix)

TorQue MuziQ & Nkosazana Daughter – Ingoma
New Song : TorQue MuziQ & Nkosazana Daughter Ingoma Download Mp3

TorQue MuziQ gained recognition for his involvement in the Amapiano and Afro House genres. Amapiano, a South African genre characterized by its groovy, rhythmic beats and distinctive piano melodies, has gained immense popularity both within the country and on the international stage. TorQue MuziQ’s productions typically feature infectious rhythms, intricate percussion, and captivating melodies, all of which contribute to the genre’s signature sound.

TorQue MuziQ

TorQue MuziQ, also known as Lesego Sefako, is a prominent figure in the South African music scene, particularly within the genres of Amapiano and Afro House. He has earned a reputation for his exceptional production skills, unique sound, and contributions to the evolution of these genres.

Ingoma (Remix)

“Ingoma (Remix)” emerges as the thrilling outcome of the combined talents of TorQue MuziQ and Nkosazana Daughter. TorQue MuziQ, known for his adeptness in the world of Afro House and Amapiano, has consistently showcased his production prowess through previous works. On the other hand, Nkosazana Daughter, with her captivating vocals and versatile singing style, has made waves in various genres.


Upon its release, “Ingoma (Remix)” quickly gained traction within the music industry and among fans. The remix’s ability to maintain the integrity of the original while infusing it with novel elements earned it praise for its innovation. Music enthusiasts and critics alike lauded the track for its infectious energy, seamless production, and powerful vocals.

Download Mp3 : TorQue MuziQ & Nkosazana Daughter – Ingoma (Remix)

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