Anele Mdoda Calls Out Mpho Popps For Being Creepy

Media personality from Mzansi Anele Mdoda recently celebrated her birthday, and she was showered with congratulations from fans and celebrity pals alike. Mpho Popps, a comedian, was among those who wished her luck by posing next to a poster of Anele, whom he pretended to kiss.

This evidently irritated the radio and TV host, who described the gesture as “creepy.” Many people weighed in after hearing what the celebrity had to say.

If Anele Mdoda is known for anything, it is her quick response time on Twitter.

Unlike most South African celebrities, it doesn’t take much to get a reply from the personality on the popular blue bird app.

On Saturday evening, the star shared a response with local comedian Mpho Popps who shared a snap of himself kissing a poster with her face while wishing her a happy birthday.

“Guys please help me wish my forever crush @Anele a happy birthday,” he captioned the photos.

It appears Miss Mdoda was not impressed with Mpho’s efforts and didn’t hide this fact in her response. Instead of saying thank you, the star captioned the post “creepy.”


It appears people were not impressed with Anele and made this clear in their comments on the matter. According to them, she is ungrateful.

“With women, it is creepy when they don’t like you. If this was someone she likes it would have been a different response,” wrote one tweep while another said:

“Men must really marry their girlfriends and focus only on them … and then avoid anything to do with any other woman.”

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