Big Zulu Makes Lifestyle Changes Ahead Of Boxing Match

Big Zulu discusses his preparations for the upcoming boxing battle.

The musician will face his opponent, Brian Dings, on April 23rd.

According to TshishaLive, the iMali Eningi hitmaker will be battling for the first time and has yet to choose his opponent.

“I will be fighting for the first time in boxing. I’ve been preparing by going to the gym.”

“I didn’t choose my opponent, the people training me suggested him to me because he is big, but I have never been beaten, so I won’t start now,” he said.

He further talked about how his lifestyle changed due to the boxing match and how it’s made him more disciplined.

“I respect the advice they have been giving me. They advised me not to sleep with women while training. One of the boxers I saw at the gym is going on seven months without sleeping with a woman, and you can see by the way he moves and the way he is aggressive when he fights that it has been long since he slept with a woman,

“With me I can tell the difference when I do sleep with a woman, I tend to be weak, my knees are weak, so I’m trying. Even when it comes to drinking, I try to stay away from that, perhaps I have just one drink.”

Big Zulu weighed 127.5kg when he started training and he’s now at 115.5kg.

“I’ve lost weight and it turns out the more I lose weight, the faster and stronger I become. My wish is to continue doing it because it has made me more disciplined.”


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