Boity Thulo Celebrates – ‘ I Am Back In My Body Goals Bag’

With over six million followers and climbing, Boity Thulo is the most followed ZAleb on Instagram. Furthermore, the media darling is regarded as one of the most gorgeous ZAlebs. This includes the fact that Boity, like Minnie Dlamini before her marriage and subsequent divorce, was regarded as having one of the best bodies.

This is something the reality personality, musician, and businesswoman has always been proud of. Similar to how she went viral again in February 2023 after sharing a series of photographs in which men and women remarked on her body aspirations.

Despite this, it appears that Boity was dissatisfied with her total weight gain following her latest post.

Recently, Boity has been avoiding Twitter. If she isn’t congratulating her fellow ZAlebs on their accomplishments. She recently honored Gail Mabalane for her critical and public praise for her major role as Zenzile Mwale on Netflix’s Unseen.

She recently returned to Twitter to express her disbelief. This comes after she initially tweeted about fitting into one of her outfits, which she hadn’t worn in over two years.

Seeing as the post was merely a tweet, tweeps took to the comments section to ask her to show receipts. As such, Boity shared the images of her snapping back to her preferred weight goals. Moreover, she went on to share the images of Instagram with an even lengthier post sharing:

โ€œI mean, come on! I need to wear this dress more often! Best thing in my closet! And I will very much be posting the professional pics of this look too! (Edit: I have not been able to fit in this dress for the past 2 years! Iโ€™m back in my body goals bag!)โ€

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