Cassper Reveals The Costs Of Fill-Up Concert Before #FillUpMmabathoStadium

Cassper reveals the cost of organizing a fill-up concert ahead of #FillUpMmabathoStadium. Cassper is one of the few South African rappers who, through his unique and traditional Fill-Ups, has mastered the art of organizing a top-tier music concert. Over the years, the rapper has managed to fill some of the country’s largest stadiums, and he plans to do so again this year.

The award-winning rapper is bringing this year’s Fill-Up to his hometown of Mafikeng to pay tribute to the people who raised him. With all the success that he has when it comes to hosting a concert of that magnitude, the rapper revealed that there is still a lot of money that is pumped in to make the show a success.

Taking to Twitter, one of Cassper’s followers asked the rapper how much it costs to organize the concert from sound systems and everything. “2 mill…? Yho kgante how its cost to fill up including stage sound etc?” Read the tweet.

In response, Cassper stated that it costs approximately R16 Million with half of the amount disbursed to the stage and lights. The rapper further revealed that the most challenging part is the logistics side but it will be worth it since he claimed that it’s a world-class concert.

“I think around 16 million. Half of it is just the stage and lights. Logistics are also a nightmare. It’s a World Class Concert man!!! We go all out!!! Ask anybody who has been to fill. It’s not like an other Show in SA. #FillUpMmabathoStadium,” tweeted Cassper.

Cassper has vowed to deliver a world-class concert in his hometown in a few days’ time. The rapper has assured his fans that all will go according to plan as he also addressed security concerns.

“We couldn’t do anything without making sure it is safe to do anything at that stadium because we heard the rumours as well. We cut the attendance tickets by almost half because it’s not safe to do the full capacity” he told TshisaLIVE.

“It’s not going to look the way it looks right now … as far as hygiene and toilets, besides us cleaning those toilets there’s no way you can have such an event and use those toilets. I can assure people it’s 100% safe to come to this event, precautions have been taken.”

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