“I Depend On Jehovah”: Zandie Khumalo Reacts To Being Canceled Over Senzo’s Death

Zandie Khumalo reacts after being canceled along with her sister, Kelly Khumalo, following the death of Senzo Meyiwa in 2014.

The late football star was murdered in Kelly’s home, and the murderer has yet to be identified or sentenced guilty.

South Africans are angry at the government for failing to identify the criminals.

Given that the two sisters were present in the house during the murder, it is assumed that they either know who killed Senzo or are suspects.

Kelly has faced cyberbullying and violence in the aftermath of her death, and Zandie has been dragged along with her.

Twitter users have called for the two singers’ shows to be canceled, but Kelly has remained silent, communicating solely through music and the media.

Zandie took to Instagram to criticize a tweet that called for her cancellation.

She stated that only Jehovah can decide her fate and no one else.

“Mina angisiye owomuntu wala emhlabeni ngingoka Jehova and it’s him and him alone who have a say over my life, it’s him and him alone who preside over my fate,” she wrote.

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