Emtee Addresses Criticism Being On MTV Base’s Hottest MCs List 2022 

Emtee Responds To Criticism Regarding His Place On MTV Base’s Hottest MCs 2022 List. The MTV Base Hottest MCs 2022 panel released a full list yesterday. Some of the South African rappers who made the list sparked endless debates on social media.

This year’s Hottest MCs rappers were chosen based on their impact, bars and lyrics, sales, buzz, and x-factor. As a result, some SA Hip Hop fans questioned why some of the rappers were ranked so high on the list.

Taking to Twitter, one of the tweeps, questioned what Emtee has achieved this year to be on the list. “Put the blunt Down and let’s have a serious conversation dawg, What exactly did you do to deserve to be on that list this year ?” Read the tweet.

In response, Emtee went on and listed the songs he contributed to and the impact he had in the game. The rapper also stated that he is the executive producer of Emtee Records signee Lolli Native. “Blunt ingenaphi? Born to win, bigger than me, sta soft, Benjamin, Asbonge Remix, Roi (krapa), 2 Tanzanite features, 1 in Malawi topping charts, DJ mr X “Kube Lit”, Lolli “Nyanga”, Im the executive producer for Lolli’s album, I’m sitting on more songs than your favourite rapper.” He tweeted.

Emtee went on and stated that he is not complaining about the spot he got on the list since. This came out after one of the tweeps stated that doesn’t have to complain since he did not drop any music of his own rather he has been more active in doing collaborations. “I ain’t mad. 7 is a lucky number. Yall gotta chill,” tweeted Emtee.

The rapper also stated that this year’s list is not bad and he is not complaining about the outcome. “This years list is not bad. Nobody complaining. Kuhle nje. Akube njalo bakithi singalwi, sisebenze, sithandane, sibumbane ize ikhule ihip hop.”

Emtee has promised his fans that he is working on DYI 3 but he has not revealed much about the release date of the project. Now that the year is coming to an end, SA hip-hop fans might now be on the lookout for Emtee’s music in 2023.

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