Feminist Tweet By Prince Kaybee Draws Fire To Himself

Another day, another Prince Kaybee smackdown on Twitter, with users criticizing the DJ for his insensitive feminist tweet. Tweeps are already urging him to compete in a boxing match to prove his manhood.

Prince Kaybee has come under fire for a recent tweet in which he slammed feminists while quoting what was once said about America’s former first lady, Michelle Obama. In the tweet, Prince Kaykee stated that feminists must stand by them because Michelle Obama once stated that there is no such thing as a 50/50 marriage.

“I’m sure Michelle Obama pissed off some feminists when she said marriage is never 50/50” wrote Prince Kaybee

Taking under his comment sections, tweeps have called the Fetch Your Life hit maker and urged him to immediate take it to the boxing ring with Cassper Nyovest to prove his manhood.

“Get in the ring with Cassper. Hamboz’veza ubudoda pha and leave feminisms alone bc awuyazi” wrote Nampree

The outraged tweeps did not spare Prince Kaybee no mercy as they are also claiming that he has a selective memory and understanding. The DJ is being lambasted for sparking a robust debate over having half fact to his claims.

“Did you listen to the whole clip to get the context of that statement though or you listened selectively to push a certain narrative? That should actually provide clarity in what feminist is. In fact, both Michelle and Barack Obama are feminists” wrote Rebone L

In the said interview where Michelle Obama was quoted talking about 50/50 in marriages. The first lady was merely sharing her own experiences and sacrifices she had to make in her marriage for it to work. Hence tweeps feel as though Prince Kaybee did not fully grasps the full context of what Michelle Obama was talking about.

“If I look over my marriage. If I were to judge it in year five or year ten, there was never 50/50. Somebody was always giving way more. Someone always needed a different kind of thing. You have to evolve with it. And so, yeah, there were times when I felt like I was 70% in and he was doing 30%. Because of the choices that I made in terms of how I wanted our family to look. I had to take my foot off of my career gas pedal, never putting on the brake, but slowing up a little bit. Those are the natural compromises that are required” said Michelle Obama

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