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Julius Malema was born in South Africa on March 3, 1981. He is a well-known world leader. He was the leader of the South African National Congress Youth League from 2008 to 2012. He is known for having opinions that make people angry, and he has already been found guilty of using hate speech. Astrologers say that Julius Malema’s star sign is Pisces.

Julius Sello Malema is a politician from South Africa. He was born on March 3, 1981. He is a member of Parliament and the founder and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters political party, which he started in July 2013.

Malema joined the group when he was nine years old and stayed a member until he was kicked out of the ANC in April 2012, when he was thirty-one. Because he backed Jacob Zuma when he was ANC President and then South African President, he is a very controversial figure in South African politics and public life.

Zuma and Cassel Mathale, the leader of the Limpopo Province, both called him the “next leader” of South Africa. Some negative stories about him call him a “reckless populist” who could cause racial unrest and make South Africa less stable.


In 1995, Malema was chosen as the regional chairperson and chairman of the Seshego Youth League branch. He was chosen as the national president of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in 2001 after serving as the Limpopo province’s COSAS chairman from 1997.

Malema escorted schoolchildren on a COSAS march through Johannesburg in 2002; the march was marred by instances of violence and looting.
In April 2008, Malema defeated Saki Mofokeng for the position of ANC Youth League president, garnering 1,833 votes to Mofokeng’s 1,696. Malema later referred to the election and conference as having “unbecoming behaviour” due to the intimidation and fraud that were there.
Net Worth
The estimated value of Julius Malema’s net worth is $3 million, or 45 million Rands. Malema has engaged in lucrative commercial transactions with a number of engineering firms and has experienced varied degrees of success in the business sector. He has been charged with diverting money into one of his trust accounts, though. The EFF leader also has a luxurious home in Johannesburg’s Hyde Park.
Julius Malema’s House
The EFF president, Julius Malema, owns two opulent mansions, which has led some to wonder how he was able to afford them.

According to reports, Malema purchased a property in the upscale neighborhood of Sandton. He reportedly paid R3.6 million for the property.

His second residence is a home in Polokwane that he paid about R1 million for. The Sandton house, which features three bedrooms, an office, a lounge, a pool, and a sizable lawn, has been hailed as exquisite.

He frequently hosts parties at this home, and the neighbors have complained about the noise. Malema drives a black Mercedes Benz AMG with a suggested retail price of R734 000. He also owns a Range Rover and an Aston Martin.

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