Following The Sizwe Dhlomo Drama, Unathi Trends

After General Manager Sibongile Mtyali was fired, afternoon drive-time host Sizwe Dhlomo trended again. Sizwe is back in Kaya 959 drama after allegedly fighting sports presenter Mpho Maboi and refusing to fire him.

November 25 saw Sibongile Mtyali’s dismissal. Apart from the Mpho Maboi drama, Sizwe allegedly reported Mpho to management for allegedly being involved in Kaya 959-conflicting businesses.

Sibongile’s three-month disciplinary hearing followed Sizwe’s report.

Sizwe Dhlomo now defends himself on Twitter.

Sizwe tweeted that he defended fired sports presenter Sandile Van Heerden. He agreed to work with a new person but complained about Mpho’s lateness and show disruptions.

“Our show meeting starts at 13:00. It’s something I instituted when I first got to Kaya. Everyone attends & if you aren’t in the building at the time, you can do so virtually. No problem. Mpho started missing those, literally a week after joining our show. It meant she didn’t know what was being discussed, it meant she would sometimes not have a sports trivia prepped on air & that was jeopardising the quality of the show.”

Sizwe then said he spoke to Mpho twice but nothing changed.

“So I spoke to her twice (on record) & when she continued, I went to her manager for him to address it. She then skipped her manager & called Sbo instead. I then asked why did you remove a person who obviously could deliver for someone who couldn’t? Sbo’s response was “you will work with whomever we tell you to”. Again I asked “if everyone else can make the meeting, what makes this newcomer to our team so special?” (again, I have all of this on record)….” he concluded.

This drama saw Unathi Nkayi trending because she too was fired earlier this year after her fight with Sizwe when she complained that he arrives late to work.

In her statement, Unathi accused Sizwe of saying some offensive things about her family and marriage which tainted their work relationship.

“This all started when Sizwe made reference to GBV in South Africa in one of his many posts about me, but GBV had nothing to do with the matter. I never alleged at any time that Sizwe committed any act of gender-based violence against me, Sizwe knows this, Kaya knows this,” she said.

“For the record, Sizwe and I both submitted in writing allegations against each other. “Some founded and some were found not to be, from both of us. I have handed the matter against Kaya to handle legally.

“In closing, Sizwe and I are not friends, I have decided to distance myself from him the day he decided it was okay to say on air that my marriage failed because of the way I allow my children to prepare umphokoqo wabo.”

But that was not all, their fight was on record and was open for public scrutiny.

“Well, verbal abuse is a very serious allegation so I believe I would have been fired but more importantly, my reputation would have been in tatters. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hear her side of the story but like I said, the City Press article is mostly true,” said Sizwe.

Tweeps react to the drama.

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