Gregg Pettigrew Is A Pathological Liar Who Loves Younger Men

Gregg Pettigrew, the actor accused of shooting and killing his partner last week, has been described as a “pathological liar” who preyed on younger men.

On Monday, April 17, the former Getroud Met Rugy star will appear in court on charges of murdering his 29-year-old partner Dean Jeran.

Following the tragedy, a friend spoke out about Pettigrew’s character, whom he described as “scheming and deceiving.”

Speaking to Rapport, Gregg Pettigrew’s former friend Bryan Schimmel described the actor as having “strange views on life.”

He also claimed that the star had lied about multiple job offers and a trip to Mauritius, which he claimed to be on.

He said: “I am more angry than confused that I could ever be friends with someone who is a pathological liar and now a suspected murderer.”

“I want to distance myself from him as a friend.”

Schimmer claimed that while Gregg claimed to have been working abroad, he was actually at his Kempton Park rental cottage with his lover Dean Jeran.

“It shows you he was scheming and deceived people close to him.”

Meanwhile, Schimmel claimed that Gregg Pettigrew was attracted to younger, “wounded” men.

The soapie star met his new lover Dean in 2020. This followed a divorce from his first husband, Australian citizen John Pettigrew.

In 2014, Gregg married John, ditching his maiden surname of Wiggill. Like Dean, John was also a fresh-faced 20-something young man involved in the theater world.

“I only met Dean a few times, but I knew he was definitely a hurt person,” Schimmel added.

As reported by The South African, Gregg Pettigrew and his lover John had a troubled past involving being convicted in 2013 for running a fraudulent scheme amongst the Johannesburg LGBTQ community.

After being arrested, Gregg and his husband John then went on the run, where they were re-arrested and formally charged.

But the couple was allegedly caught having sex in prison while in the same cell.

Gregg – who was given a suspended sentence – later married John behind bars, where he was being kept in a repatriation centre over his illegal immigrant status.


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