‘I Woke Up Feeling Anxious’ – Moozlie On Losing AKA And Costa Titch

Nomuzi Mabena, often known as Moozlie in her industry, is still mourning over the deaths of her friends and coworkers AKA and Costa Titch.

According to TimesLIVE, she’s been in the middle of things, attending memorial services and funerals and sometimes MC’ing the events.

The website published screenshots of Moozlie’s Instagram story, in which she expressed her feelings in the aftermath of the killings.

“I woke up feeling anxious this morning (Wednesday). 2 months since Kiernan died, 1 month since Costa died and now I’ve got a cousin who is critically ill.

“This year has been an endless episode of “What the f*ck are we gonna tell the kids?!,” she said.

She continued by saying every time she seems to comprehend a piece of news, the next boulder comes along and hits her even harder.

“Every time I start to wrap my head around one thing something else comes and knocks if off my shoulders. Every month is a life-altering situation closely preceded or followed by a heart-shattering loss. It’s relentless. This morning’s devotion came right on time.”


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