Lady Du Introduces A New Business Venture

Lady Du’s advice in the music industry may ruffle feathers, but sis knows how to generate multiple streams of income. Lady Du, like DJ Zinhle, has added another business venture to her long list of ventures, and we are here for it.

Lady Du announced on her Instagram page that she has launched her beauty company, Wawa LA Beauty, and that she is hiring.

In her caption, she bragged about holding many qualifications, 19 in total, and beauty being one of them.

“I don’t think you guys know all the things I studied, beauty being one of them. After school I studied beauty, travelled the world working on a cruise ship [and] my biggest dream was to own a salon. Music captured me, I focused on it, but now that I can do both, I took my savings, bought a house in the hood so I don’t have to pay rent. I wanted to bring the Sandton experience back to the hood.

She then shared that she is hiring people from the hood and they should forward their CVS to the mentioned email address.

“I literally have been working sooo hard on it, still am. If you are from KwaThema or around kindly send your CV to [email protected]. I am fully qualified in this as you can see my diplomas in all departments, some diplomas are for something else! But all qualifications are there. Here’s to franchising in the hood, empowering the community [and] taking the money back to ekasi. My legacy starts now.”

The singer and performer recently shared that she has a record label that turned 10 years old this year. Lady Du Entertainment sees female artists getting signed by her and her uplifting the female artist.

“My company turns 10 years next year, because it will be fully matured I will be working and developing girls only. I feel like females go through so much, I won’t be signing people. I don’t believe in giving people fish, I buy equipment for them to fish. Right now I’m building as much as I can to make sure they don’t have to look anywhere for sponsorship unless it’s brands for a party! We don’t sign to labels! We are the labels,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Lady Du once mentioned her 19 qualifications to an unbelieving list of followers. “I worked on a ship travelled the world doing beauty, studied fire fighting, teeth whitening specialist, and safety officer position. came back worked at my dad’s shop, then worked with trucks (logistics), then worked organising events for a foundation. All that money I invested back into my music.”

“Come hell or High water, pay or no pay they got paid. They stuck by me when I had no hits, today They get to share my dream with me. Whatever I have they will have. you might not like the job you have but make use of it. Everything I have comes from my own hands,” she bragged. “I take everything I do serious, you can put me anywhere, I have 19 qualifications, I’m not just a musician!!!! NOT THE NORMAL ONE ke mina.” But nobody took her seriously. Well there you have it people!”

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