Lasizwe Dambuza Talks About His Sobriety Journey

Lasizwe Dambuza speaks up about his three-month sober struggle.

The actor told TshishaLIVE that he has encountered temptation as a result of being in the industry, but he has been able to resist it.

“Sobriety is going well. Every day I’m tempted to drink. It is such a beautiful journey to be able to make such a conscious decision whether you want to drink or not. So with this sabbatical, essentially. I’m not saying I’m quitting alcohol because I’m an alcoholic — no, I want to have the control and the choice to say I want to drink or I don’t want to drink.

“When I’m drinking, what is the purpose of drinking? Are we celebrating? I don’t want to just drink alcohol nje. I want to be able to be in the moment and say we are all cheers-ing, have a drink, and be responsible,” he said.

Lasizwe’s decision to be alcoholic-free has also aided his mental health.

“I’m a big advocate for mental health. I think you guys have seen my journey about it. I’ve been transparent about it and how it has affected me. I almost lost my life a few years ago and I’m conscious of when I’m anxious when I’ve got anxiety, when I’m approaching depression.”

“That I have been on sabbatical, gives me that experience of experiencing problems sober. Because — there’s a saying: ‘my problems need alcohol, fast’ — I’m in a moment where my problems need me sober.”

“I’ve learned one beautiful thing from my sabbatical: I’ve learned to be less of a complainer and more solutions-driven.”


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