Mbalenhle Mavimbela Introduces Her New Wine Business


Congratulations to Mbalenhle Mavimbela, an actress who has entered the wine business.

Actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela has entered the beverage business, according to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela.

Mphela revealed that the The Wife actress is launching her own wine line tonight.

The launch comes after a stellar episode of The Wife’s third and final season, which saw Zikhona Sodlaka leave the show as Mandisa.

“I’m not even sure where to begin, but perhaps, let me start from the beginning – from the very inception and creation of the books by Dudu-Busani Dube.

“The Wife was already set up to win because the books are incredible and everybody that fell in love with them from their creation, already knew that they were going to love the screen version.

“So meeting Mandisa on stage has been something of an unexpected life-changing experience for me,” shares Zikhona.

“Mandisa was never supposed to be someone who lasted past the first season. I had taken the role knowing that this is the character that dies in the first season. This is something that we knew from the word go as she also kills herself, even in the book. But because viewers loved her so much we had to keep her and in deciding to keep her, the writers explored what we could do with her, and the results were just pure magic!

“Working alongside my cast, every single one of them, has been quite the journey. We laughed, cried, brainstormed, fought and were committed. So thank you. Thank you to the cast – Mbalenhle Mavimbela, Khanyi Mbau and the new additions to this season.”

Actor Sipho Ndlovu, also known as Sambulo to fans of The Wife says Zikhona made it easy for them to feel like kids from the same family.

“There’s so much I’m going to miss about Zikhona, but the one thing I’ll miss the most is her dedication,” says Sipho Ndlovu, who plays Sambulo Zulu. “I like the way she’s so dedicated to her work, and her respect for the craft. I will never forget the scene where Mandisa burnt R80 million. That scene was explosive! And the chemistry she had with Abdul Khoza was so beautiful.”

“She’s one person who will bring out the best in you. She would come chill with us as the brothers in the greenroom and bring light amongst us. She created that environment for us because she knows that we are going to play and have fun with the work that we do. I believe that it’s difficult to play a character when you’re not in a free mode to do so. So Zikhona made us feel free around her.

“Zikhona is an actress who has been on our screens for over a decade now. She’s an icon, but she never brought that energy on set. She made it easy for us to feel like we are kids from the same family.

“I just want to say we will miss Zikhona. She’s special, she’s humble and she knows her work. She always brought a smile and was always willing to work. Zikhona, thanks for the role you played in uniting us. May you flourish wherever you go and continue sharing your magic with everyone you get to work with.”

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