WATCH: Mihlali Ndamase Opens Up On Her Current Relationship Status

Mihlali Ndamase has been redefining herself on social media. This appears to be Mihlali’s intention this year, as she is set on focusing on the expansion of her business Malakyt and maintaining her supremacy as one of the country’s leading and most paid influencers and digital content creators.

However, Mihali is not above clapping back when she believes it is necessary. As a result, given her recent social media actions, it was refreshing to see Mihlali address some of the hot subjects surrounding recent occurrences in her personal life.

Specifically, this included Mihali speaking on her sobriety, dating “married” man Leeroy Sidambe and the demise of her friendship with fellow content creator Zola Joka.

Mihlali celebrates a month sober

Mihali was recently the latest guest on the YouTube-based podcast hosted by rapper L-Tido. As such, the rapper did not waste much time getting to the crux of things as he started by congratulating Mihlali on her month of sobriety and asked what was the reason, to which Mihali explained in part:

“And you know, I never had the habit of blacking out. Sana, I started blacking out recently and that’s when I was like- And not like blacking out, passing out. I was like, I’m a functioning drunk. So, I can be very lit and… And someone would say, “No, but you seemed fine…”

Given her stance on the matter, it might prove that her altercation with Leeroy which was alleged to have threatened the stability of her relationship might have been the push she needed to put the bottle of champagne down. Moreover, Mihlali finally explained where she finds herself in the “married” man dating conversation by stating:

“Well, I mean because obviously he is not divorced, like, legally… But- Yes, it’s a long process (speaking on the divorce proceedings), and I mean, we’ve seen celebrities go through… We’ve seen people who are- have filed for divorce or whatever, who do move on with their lives or get into relationships or whatever. That’s the situation my partner and I are in…”

Lastly, Mihlali addressed the matter of the end of her friendship with fellow content creator Zola Joka. Their friendship was believed to have ended due to Zola recording Mihlali during the events which resulted in her fractured ankle. It was assumed that Mihlali ended the friendship when Zola went on Instagram Live at the time the paramedics arrived.

While Mihlali rubbished this fact, when asked if she and Zola were still friends, she seemed to confirm that this was not the case by only responding to questions about her by stating, “I’d rather not speak about it…”

Watch the full interview below:


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