Nota Baloyi Discusses His Alleged New Lover, Azanian Doll

Nota Baloyi speaks out about Azanian Doll, the alleged replacement for Berita.

A video of Baloyi and Azanian surfaced on social media a few days ago, causing havoc.

When asked about the 19-year-old, the businessman told ZiMoja that she is a new talent he recently discovered.

“She’s a new artist I have discovered.”

“I met her after she approached me for a podcast interview for a school project. Her assignment was to interview someone she admires, and she chose me,” he said.

“She is an amazing rapper, and she has a similar story as my mother who was an orphan from the age of five years old. Azanian girl has been an orphan since she was 13 years old. So, I can relate to how an orphan may need someone like me to guide them.”

Nota finds the dating rumors ridiculous.

“I don’t want to confirm nor deny things that are ridiculous. Even if we were dating, it wouldn’t be illegal,” he says.

The critic says the aspiring rapper has been cyberbullied since their video surfaced on social media.

“Twitter is a place where people say mean things, she has been cyber-bullied and teased about the interview she did with me that she even deleted her account,” he says.

Meanwhile, he further revealed that she will be turning 20 on the 23rd of February.

“This makes her extra special to me because this is the same day that Riky Rick died. So, instead of mourning a loss of a friend, we celebrate the coming of age of young talent.”

Reacting to Azanian Doll being on OnlyFans, Baloyi said, “I told her to get off OnlyFans but she says she uses it to pay her rent and only shows her breasts,” he says. “But I told her that in order for me to continue working with her, she needs to then remain celibate.”

The businessman slammed rumors that he is dating her, “I don’t want to confirm nor deny things that are ridiculous,” he says. “Even if we were dating, it wouldn’t be illegal,” he says.

However, he hopes they make people jealous.

“We are going to make a lot of people very jealous,” Nota says.

Speaking about how the rumors might affect his wife, despite not planning to make her jealous.

“She is already a jealous narcissist. My wife has never liked me assisting female artists because she gets jealous of them,” he says. “I have never cheated or given her a reason to be jealous but she, like all artists is a narcissist.”

“I have not even introduced her to Azanian Doll I know she will be jealous,” he concluded.

Nota Baloyi speaks about his estranged wife, Berita during a recent interview with Zimoja.

The outspoken critic says they are still happily married, but living separately.

“We are still very happily married. She did not ask for a divorce. I did not file for divorce, and we talk often,” he said.

Baloyi says they don’t communicate frequently but the singer reaches out to him whenever she is in need of money.

“We are happily living apart. It gives me peace. We only speak when she is jealous and when she needs money.”



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