Pearl Thusi States She’s Not Doing Events Promo For Free Anymore

Pearl Thusi’s primary profession could be acting. However, the former television and radio host appears to be making money from her other creative endeavors lately. She is not only the face of EuropaArt, but she also has her own hair line with Afrobotanics called Black Pearl and is the majority shareholder in the locally made gin Black Rose.

But for fans looking to meet Mama Pantha in real life, the best option is to follow Thusi to one of the many night clubs she hosts. For the past year and some change, Thusi has become one of the most booked and busy night club hosts. Whether it is in Johannesburg or Cape Town, the former Queen Sono lead has what looks like a jam-packed roster going on throughout the entire “South African weekend,” which is from Thursday to Sunday or Monday, depending on who you’re asking.

Seeing as how lucrative club hosting can be, it seems that Thusi has taken a page from Mihlali Ndamase’s book in terms of wanting her payments upfront before doing any promotion.

Pearl Thusi not doing events promo for free anymore

Taking to her social media, Pearl Thusi shared that from here onwards that she will not be promoting any hosting gigs via her social media unless she has been paid in full ahead of the promotional posts.

Her sentiments come off the back of the likes of influencers like Mihlali Ndamase and Cape Town night club Saint, recently calling out brands in Mihlali’s case and customers in Saint’s case , that have not fulfilled their financial obligations.

It seems that Thusi might be victim to a similar issue. This is as hosting and promoting said hosting gig is not mutually inclusive. Usually, the standard procedure in this regard is that the night club, in this instance, will hire the likes of Thusi to host and pay for her to be present for a certain amount of time.

Should the nightclub request that Thusi promote her hosting duties, it is usually an additional fee for the social media promotion. This is of course if Thusi does not decide to do the promotional content on her social media as a favour.

The announcement of the changes in her hosting duties comes off the back of Thusi sharing her most recent podcast interview. This time it was with rapper turned podcaster L-Tido. In the podcast in question, Thusi speaks in-depth about everything in relation to her life including DJ Zinhle, AKA and parenting.

But the most interesting aspect is that when Thusi was shooting in the episode, Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi was present in the room. Moveover, ahead of the interview, Thusi has confronted Nota on his comments suggesting that she was an absent mother.

At the time, Nota back tracked on his statement suggesting it was due to Thusi defending friend Cassper Nyovest. But as it is now established, Nota might be living in his own world. As such, on Twitter, he has all but denied that he had apologised to Thusi about his past comments…

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