RHOD’s Jojo Robinson Discusses Her Many Plastic Surgeries’ Drawbacks

Jojo Robinson discussed her tattoos with Carol Ofori on (ECR).

Jojo has 70% of her body tattooed. She wants more tattoos before the year ends. She also noted that while she loved her plastic operations, they had drawbacks.

She remembered her first boob job. Post-breast augmentation operations followed. She stated that her operations caused great discomfort.

The pains may have gone but the memories of them are ever-fresh. She has had several surgeries and even claimed to have lost count at some point, pinning the number to at least 10 but less than 20.

Jojo is married to a wealthy man who gladly bears the financial consequences of her decisions. In reality, her spouse is a tattoo enthusiast as well, but he is not as inked as Jojo.


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