VIDEO: Simz Ngema And Tino Chinyani Get Steamy In Pool

Simz Ngema, born Simphiwe Ngema, and her lover Tino Chinyani’s intimate video in the pool has stunned viewers.

Simz and Tino’s love story is indeed a mystery that no one can solve. They are the only ones who know what happens between them. When Simz Ngema wrote a thorough Instagram post about her relationship a few months ago, it appeared like everything was finished.

However, the couple has now confirmed their reconciliation, making their followers happy as they rediscover love. Their love is at its peak, and they desire it more than ever. If you ask someone, they will tell you that this is a teen relationship because of how much they put in and love it.

Simz Ngema and Tino look like they are in a relationship for the first time as they get intimate in the Swimming pool. Who cares? They are happy, and they are living their best life.

The loving couple had been celebrating the good news that Tino Chinyani would be hosting the Mr Supranational South Africa. Indeed, this brought so much joy to the couple, making waves in the industry. They celebrate every small win like it is the last, and they should: Who knows where life takes you?

Tino put the camera in a good place while carrying Simz, which was lovely. On the other hand, Simz Ngema hugged his boyfriend intimately, and there was no better place than the swimming pool.

Sharing on her Instagram, Simz said:

Congratulations Baba ka Kemorena❤️ @tino_chinyani

The stunning actress fell in love with Dumi Masilela and married in 2017 as they appeared to be a power couple. Simz was hurt when Dumi was shot dead in a hijacking a few months later.

She eventually met her current partner, Tino, and the couple has had ups and downs but is still together. Simz Ngema and her partner are putting their differences behind them today as they get intimate in a swimming pool.


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