Sizwe Dhlomo Defends Being Petty With Tweet Responses

Sizwe Dhlomo has always used Twitter to share his thoughts on current events. Just last week, the businessman and media personality used the platform to air his side of the contentious matter of Kaya 959 station manager Sibongile Matyali’s firing due to her handling of the Dhlomo and Mpho Maboi disagreement.

This week, however, Dhlomo was providing commentary on whether or not President Cyril Ramaphosa was planning to resign. Furthermore, he discussed how government buildings are uninsured. A tweet that sparked a debate with another Twitter user, forcing Dhlomo to defend himself against accusations that he is petty.

Sizwe Dhlomo defends being petty

It seemed that Sizwe Dhlomo had a lot of time on his hands on Saturday, which is not surprising as the businessman and media personality does not drink or seemingly get involved in any activities that do not make him money.

Therefore, when a tweep attempted to share unfactual information on why government buildings are considered an insurable risk. Sizwe first corrected the tweep’s typo before asserting that they were still wrong. But instead of taking their “L” like a champ and moving on. The tweep decided that bring back the suggestions of Dhlomo being a snitch due to the firing of Unathi Nkayi and Sibongile Matyali at Kaya 959.

However, this only seemed to incense Dhlomo as his subsequent tweets back to the tweep dragged him and his appearance. A fact which affirmed why Dhlomo is one of the most feared ZAlebs Twitter accounts as he is not afraid to drag his trolls for filth using full sentences which are grammatically correct to prove his point.

But when another tweep suggested that Sizwe was being petty, Dhlomo was unashamed to retort that whether he is or not, the fact remains that the tweep in question was wrong. Therefore, it seems that like the stereotype of a Zulu man, Dhlomo is quite happy being called petty as long as he is right in the conversation.

Following many attempts by tweeps and Dhlomo alike to have the tweep cave and admit defeat. A stance which initially seemed like the tweep would not take.

Eventually, it seemed that the tweep finally saw the light and decided to call it a truce. More than that, it seems that the tweep was just looking for Dhlomo’s attention and know-how in construction as Dhlomo has said multiple times that one of his other businesses happens to be in construction. As such, following taking his long overdue “L” the tweep decided to proposition Dhlomo into going into business together.

Sizwe seemingly used this final tweet as his victory lap. This is as he dragged the businessman by suggesting that he send him a CV and he will try and “get him something.” A drag as this is a businessman instead of a construction worker looking for a job and not a tender or something Dhlomo has connections to getting.

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