Sjava Reflects On Times He Was Mocked Listening To Beyoncé

Sjava discusses how Beyonce and Nicki Minaj influenced him as an artist.

On Twitter, the one-time BET winner expresses his admiration for the worldwide rapper, then recounts how he was teased for listening to Beyonce’s song in the early days of his music career.

“I remember back in the day buying all Beyonce DVDs and live performances locked myself in, watched and studying everything; and the guys I used to rap with laughed at me and told me singing is for soft people bona they hard,” he wrote.

Sjava revealed that those guys are now hating on his wins

“Today the same guys are hating on me for my success.”

“Dear upcoming artist listen to all genres and explore if you want to grow be unique and great don’t box yourself because of what people or your friends will say. One day I will break down how the sound and production on some of the songs came about.”

The musician said that listening to one of Beyonce’s songs inspired Impilo’s instrumentation.

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