Thabo Bester Pleaded With Tanzania Authorities Not To Kill Him

According to The Citizen, convicted rapist and killer Thabo Bester and his accomplice Dr Nandipha Magudumana feared for their life when they were apprehended in Tanzania.


After fleeing their Hyde Park rental home last month, the couple was apprehended in the East African country near the Kenyan border on April 7. Following their arrest, it was discovered that they were in possession of numerous fraudulent passports.

At the time, the alleged Facebook rapist pretended to be an American named William Tommy Kelly, while Magudumana pretended to be her friend and anaesthesiologist Mmereka Patience. Dr Pashy is the nickname given to Martha Ntshani. Dr. Pashy’s name was changed by Magudumana to Martha Patience Mmerika Ntshini.

According to a source, Bester begged the authorities in Tanzania not to kill him when they were nabbed.

“Police gave chase and the public transport vehicle was cornered ten kilometres out of Arusha [a city in Tanzania]. Police told them to get out of the vehicle and Bester said: ‘Don’t kill me’.

“Nandipha was wearing Islamic clothing and when the burka (head covering) was removed, she held her head in her hands and was crying,” the source was quoted as saying.


Bester and Magudumana were brought back to South Africa on 13 April and have appeared in court on separate occasions. Their next court appearances are scheduled for 16 May — for Bester — and 3 and 4 May for Magudumana.

The celebrity doctor is facing charges of arson for the fire in Bester’s cell, aiding and abetting his escape, defeating the administration of justice, fraud, and the murder of the man whose charred body was found in Bester’s cell. At the weekend, police confirmed the body to be that of Katlego Bereng Mpholo.

Four other people have been arrested in connection with Bester’s audacious escape; they include two former G4S employees, Senohe Matsoara and Motanyane John Masukela; an Integritron Integrated Solutions CCTV technician, Teboho Lipholo; and Magudumana’s father, Zolile Sekeleni.

While everyone who has been arrested so far remains behind bars, Sekeleni was granted R10 000 bail on 17 April. In addition, the arson and murder charges against him were dropped.


According to a police source who talked to Sunday World, Magudumana’s confession — that her father was not involved in Bester’s escape — aided in the dismissal of the charges against him.

The doctor is said to be working with investigators and to have claimed responsibility for devising the escape plan.

She is accused of clearing her father of the crimes, claiming he doesn’t know Bester from a bar of soap. She did, however, allegedly confess that she collaborated with G4S staffers on Bester’s complex escape on 3 May.

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