‘This Is Fraud’: Godrich Gardee Slams Gogo Maweni’s Love Potions

Former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP Goodrich Gardee has joined hundreds in criticizing celebrity singer Gogo Maweni. This comes after the traditional healer promoted her “love potions” online, which are said to assist women control men’s behavior.

Gogo Maweni should use her skills for the better good of society, not “witchcraft,” according to Gardee and hundreds of other social media users.

South African social media users slammed celebrity singer Lee-Anne “Gogo Maweni” Mokopo.

This comes after she advertised goods to assist women enchant their boyfriends/husbands, leaving many with a foul taste in their mouths.

Many of them believe Maweni is preaching witchcraft. This appears to be a sentiment shared by former EFF MP Godrich Gardee.

Gogo Maweni's medicinal herbs are being slammed online. Images via Twitter: @gogomaweni

Taking to Twitter, Gardee slammed Maweni for selling love potions made with herbs that are meant for healing and not for enchanting.

He also said that the love potions are a misrepresentation of the practice of traditional healing.

“Herbs are for sickness and not witchcraft. It is scam to present herbs as magic for luck or to stop bullets entering your body or a love potion. Such misrepresentation perpetuates stereotypes and adverse narratives against traditional healing. This is fraud,” he said.

His post evidently did not sit well with Maweni who wasted no time clapping back at the outspoken politician.

“When you’ve studied your craft in depth, you don’t argue with people who dabble in your field of expertise as a hobby,” she said.

Meanwhile traditional healer Nkhensani Tembe told TshisaLive that love potions are dangerous and can harm a persons organs when consumed.

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